The welding processes at Underhill Mechanical Engineering are carefully controlled though our welding quality assurance system from the outset, this assures a top quality product every time. Our teams of experienced welders are qualified to the highest standards; both international and customer specific, to ensure that product specifications and customer expectations are met every time. 

 We have the skills, knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of welding processes and equipment to perfectly complement our vast library of qualified welding procedures (WPQR) that cover most common metals that can be welded. If we do not have a pre-qualified weld procedure (WPQR), we are able to quickly qualify a specific procedure to meet customer demands.


Underhill Mechanical Engineering have provided numerous Carbon Steel Pipe Systems throughout the United Kingdom. With our esteemed Design Team, through to our experienced Site installation team. UME has an excellent track record in providing Carbon Steel Pipe Systems.


Working with a variety of Grades, UME has manufactured and installed a variety of Stainless Steel Pipe Systems throughout the UK. Working in sectors varying from the Dairy industry, to Sewage Treatment plants & Fresh Water Plants. UME has a proven record in delivering complete, timely & complex Stainless Steel Systems


Using Specialist Metals to satisfy client requirements, Underhill Mechanical Engineering has plenty of experience in Designing, Manufacturing and Installing Pipe Systems using exotic metals. UME have experienced, coded welders able to manufacture systems consisting of Chromoly, Copper-Nickel and more specialist metals.

Client Feedback

“Underhill has undertaken the works in a safe, diligent manner. They have reacted well to the client’s operational needs during the works and have suggested solutions when unforeseen problems have been encountered. I would be happy to work with UEL on future projects.”

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